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18in4 dietI have at a guess, around 30 diet plans I have purchased and downloaded on my hard drive, including the 18in4 diet.

Just about every diet plan you will download is in PDF format, or an ebook, which you can download immediately after purchase and read on the PC or print out.

Most of the diet plan vendors will offer a refund, as you cannot check it out before and of course this is only fair.

I bought the 18in4 plan about 8 months ago. I did not believe the claim that you can lose so much weight in just 4 days but what the hell. Even if you only lose half of that I figured it could be a good way to lose weight for a special occasion.

However, I was very disappointed to find it is just a modified version of the old '3 Day Diet'. The '3 Day Diet' has been doing the rounds for around 30 years and can be found for free on thousands of weight loss sites on the internet.

There is also a similar 4 day plan which is also available for free. See the link below for similar free 18in4 food plan downloads.

In my opinion to rehash something that is incredibly hard to stick to, which doesn't work as described is a scam. The vendor, who goes by the name of James Zeta claims he devised the plan and it works for him.

My advice is to save yourself $27 and try the 3 day diet (just add a day for the 18in4 version). I very much doubt you will lose more than 6lbs in 4 days, and I doubt even more if you can stick to it.

Incidentally, after purchasing this document, I request the 100% guaranteed refund, and needless to say I never heard from the vendor. I emailed him three times - he did not even bother with the courtesy of a reply.

Many of the diets sold online will not do as they claim. However if you purchase a diet from the Clickbank marketplace, you are absolutely guaranteed a refund if it doesn't live up to your expectations. Refunds are provided by Clickbank, who are the payment processors and not by the vendors themselves.

Normally I do not request refunds. I find most of the plans do have some wisdom in them, even if the claims are exaggerated. However on the odd occasion I have requested a refund on a Clickbank product it has always been refunded within 24 hours. You will receive details of how to resolve any issues you may have immediately after purchasing.

I hope you find the links below useful, and save yourself $27 on a plan that can be found for free.

For a free version of the 3 Day Diet which is almost identical to the 18in4 Diet try the link below. (Link will open in a new window).

Three Day Diet


Go here for the free download, 3 Day Diet  or any other diet, it doesn't really matter which diet it is, because any diet is better than the 18 in 4.