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About Us

About usWe have described ourselves and our weight loss experiences on the home page, we are three friends who live in the Leeds area.

We met through work a number of years ago, and although we no longer work together we still meet up regularly for coffee or very often something stronger!

I think we got on so well when we met years ago, because we had a common problem, we were overweight. While I would not go as far as to saying being overweight and dieting has mase us happy, it has certainly been the reason we have shared many experiences and laughs over the years - dieting generally is not fun, but if you have someone to share the ups and downs, someone who understands the emotions us 'fatties' experience it can certainly help when the going gets rough.

If you don't have any friends around you who are in the same boat, we encourage you to join some online forums - they are a great place for finding sympathetic people and even to find a diet buddy for a more one-on-one friendship.

We wish you all the luck on your weight loss journey, and please use the contact page if we can help you in any way.