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There are so many weight loss scams out there on the internet today, it is quite refreshing to come across a 'good guy'- The Anne Collins Diet is definately one of those good guys, or at least Anne Collins the founder is.

The Anne Collins Weight Loss Program is not a diet perse, but a number of different plans to chose from and a members group which helps and encourages dieters to lose weight with numerous tools and unfailing support.

Anne Collins herself is a qualified nutritionist and has been involved in the weight loss and fitness industry in a number of roles- as a diet consultant, personal adviser and nutritionist. She has written for many publications including a weekly weight loss and health column.

She has combined all her experience for her online program which is now one of the most popular weight loss and diet sites on the internet, attracting 7.5 million visitors last year. 

 I really like the Anne Collins online program because you can choose from a total of nine distinct eating plans. Each one is detailed in a downloadable PDF file. The nine plans include: A Healthy Low Carb Diet, Anne Collin's Unique Low Glycemic Index Diet, The 10 Minute Meals Diet and the Vegetarian Quick Start Diet. There is truly a diet to suit everyone, and the best part is, if you find the diet plan you choose doesn't suit you, you can switch to another at no extra charge. You can do this as many times as necessary.

In the Anne Collin's Diet member's area there is a ton of useful tools and tips, including some very informative articles on medical conditions that might be preventing you from losing weight. On top of a wealth of information there is also an extremely active weight loss community forum, where 1000s of dieters post their news, tips or simply visit for support. Anne Collins directs the member's community herself.

Apart from the diet programs provided, (that actually work) I think the best thing about the Anne Collins diet is the motivational support you receive from the personel and the community. Anytime you feel like slipping, just log on, and there is always someone there with some very timely advice to keep you motivated and put you back on track. Dieting can be a lonely business- with the Anne Collins diet you know you are not alone.

Another great thing about the Anne Collins diet plan is the price. It costs just $19.97 (GBP £10.97) for a FULL twelve months, there are NO OTHER CHARGES. This works out at just 38 cents per week. It is beyond doubt, unbeatable value.

Click here to visit the Anne Collins Diet Program - You won't regret it, it really is a no-brainer.

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