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How the Calorie Shifting Diet Works     



Calorie Shifting DietThe calorie shifting diet is the latest idea for achieving maximum results from your diet, whichever you choose to follow. This article will try to explain how the calorie shifting diet works, in easy to follow terms.


You decide which diet you want to follow; using which food groups etc, and the basic number of calories you want to stick to; 1000, 1500, 2000  calories per day.


Stick to this for at least two months, but on the second month adjust your calorie count up or down by a few hundred calories at intervals throughout. i.e. working on the 2000 cal a day diet:


Up-shift 300 cal on two days in the first week; eat 2300 calories on those two days.


On the second week down-shift 500 cal on two days; eat 1500 cal on those days (choose different weekdays in each week to shift)


In the third week up-shift 400 cal on two chosen days, consuming 2400 cal on those two days.


In week four, down shift 500 cal twice, taking on 1500 cal in these two days.


Using this 'shifting' pattern will keep your metabolism active; constantly changing to adapt to different calorie intakes, whereby preventing the body becoming accustomed to the same regular calorie intake, and the metabolism getting lazy.


After the four weeks of shifting, follow the regular calorie count (i.e. 2000) for a further two weeks. Then you are ready to follow the calorie shifting for a further month if you wish.


To recap; follow your fixed calorie count for four weeks, follow the calorie shifting diet for the next four weeks, your fixed calorie count for the next two weeks, then back to the four weeks of calorie shifting diet again.



On a regular calorie reduced diet, the metabolism thinks we are undernourished, so will slow down to compensate. This is the reason why many diets will cause you to lose a lot of weight at the start, but over a long period of time will lose their effect.

What we want is a low calorie intake, along with a high metabolic rate.

The calorie shifting diet in effect will 'fool' the metabolism and keep it active.


The other negative side to regular diets is that once you've stopped dieting, your metabolism has slowed down so much that you will find you gain weight almost immediately.

With the calorie shifting diet this will not happen: you will lose good amounts of weight at a fast pace, and over a long period of time, and once you stop dieting it will be much easier to maintain the weight you have achieved, as your metabolism is working at a healthy rate.


There are many versions of the calorie shifting diet, but all of them work to the same principle, which is why you can use the plan along with whichever diet you choose to follow.


You really can eat almost anything you wish, as long as you have a calorie counter and are aware of the calories in each meal that you eat. The calorie shifting diet will just keep things on an even keel, allowing you a little more variety without risk of weight gain.



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