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Calorie Shifting Diet Menu




Calorie Shifting Diet MenuThe calorie shifting diet allows you to eat a vast amount of foods, as long as you keep count of the calories, and shift your calorie intake twice a week for a month. Like any other calorie counting diet, you will of course need to know the calorie content of anything you eat. You can work out for yourself a few calorie shifting diet menu ideas, so that you don't have to research every day on your calorie counter


An example of a menu on the calorie shifting diet could include the following:



Fresh squeezed fruit juice with a choice of;

One egg omelette, flavoured with garlic or onion, or two eggs using only the whites

Banana milkshake made with fresh bananas

Green smoothie with a choice of fruits

Flavoured oatmeal, or oatmeal with fresh fruit

Smoked bacon, boiled or grilled until crisp.



Mixed green salad with walnuts, preferably including fresh spinach leaves and rocket for the nutrients

Chicken breast

Tuna Salad

Fruit salad

Green smoothie



Lean beef with salad or vegetables

Fresh tuna steak, salmon or white fish fillet with veg or salad

Any kind of sandwich, your choice of filling

Scrambled egg with vegetables

Chicken breast with avocado



One hard-boiled egg

One scrambled egg

Cottage cheese

Fresh fruit


Taking some of these calorie shifting diet menu suggestions; work out a menu for each day, for example:


Breakfast: Squeezed juice of two small oranges (90 cal), one egg scrambled with three mushrooms (100cal)

Breakfast total 190 cal


Lunch:1 cup or 245gr skimmed milk (86 cal)   mixed green salad (1 cup iceberg, 1cup spinach, 1 cup watercress; 17 cal) with walnuts (14 halves, or 1oz; 185 cal), one fresh apple (approx 65 cal)

Lunch total 353 cal


Dinner: 1 cup apple juice (117 cal) Fresh fillet of poached salmon (150 gr; 320 cal) over a bed of 10 oz fresh raw spinach, (65 cal) low fat yoghurt (63 cal)

Dinner total 565 cal


Supper:  8 oz or 1 cup cottage cheese (163 cal) with 2 bran crispbreads (37 cal each =74 cal).

Supper total 237 cal


Total daily menu only 1345 cal, allowing you to take a drink, smoothie or fruit etc in between meals, without going over your elected calorie intake.


You can adjust these calorie-shifting diet menu ideas, adding an extra egg, or more fruit, even adding whole wheat bread or potatoes, all you need to do is keep a check on the amount of calories in each item.

Find an online calorie counter, a very easy way to control intake: just type in your food item and it will tell you the calorie content by weight or cupful.


Once you have several suggestions on your calorie shifting diet menu, you can swap and change items from one day to another, but at least here you have a basis to work from. 


You will be surprised how many different foods you can eat without going outside your calorie allowance, as long as you stay clear of fried food and junk food.

The calorie shifting diet menu does not have to be bland tasteless food; you can come up with some wonderful tasty, nutritious ideas. Happy Dieting!!



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