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Top 10 Diet Resources 



A short list of my personally used very useful Top Ten Diet Resources.


Top 10 Diet ResourcesWeight Loss's weight loss Web site provides links to a variety of information about diets, emotional eating, fitness, nutrition, cooking and more, as well as weekly feature articles, weight loss tips and more.

UK Weight Loss Resources  Weight loss site with nutrition info, tips on losing weight, also sells exercise equipment, diet books and other weight loss tools.

Calorie counter, BMI calculator and diet planner. Losing weight can be fun!   Lose weight and live a healthier life style with, a growing community that offers you free tools to manage your diet and weight loss.

Free Weight Loss Support - Free Diet Journals and Weight Loss Blogs - Weight Loss Buddy Online   FREE Online Weight Loss Program Gets Results. Weight Loss Blog, Diet Journal, Calorie Counter, Food Journal, Diet Recipes, Exercise Log, Support Forum, Free Weight Tracker, Diet Advice and more!   A fantastic free site, to help you count calories, fat grams, calories burned and much more.

Special Diets If you are on a special needs diet, such as a diabetic diet or an Additive-free diet, this site is a invaluable source of useful products, suppliers and services. The special diets site is created by an individual with Celiac Disease and many other food sensitivities. "The personal goal of this site is to share knowledge that could help others manage their special diets and empower them with as much freedom of choice that is possible while living with restrictions." This site is very informative, even if you do not have any special diet needs. 

The Alakaline Diet An Alkaline Diet puts a large emphasis on eating a wide variety of fresh vegetables, citrus fruits, nuts, tubers, and legumes, and discourages the consumption of dairy products, grains, meat, and too much salt. This site is a very useful resource for anyone interested in eating an optimal alkaline diet. The site offers a free newsletter, and a very informative blog.

Diet Girl Blog Diet Girl Blog is written by Shauna Reid who at the age of 23, weighed 351 pounds. Today, at the age of thirty, Shauna has lost half of her weight, and is now living in Scotland. (She is originally from Austrailia). her blog contains many useful posts detail her weight loss journey. This blog is not only a useful weight loss resource, but it is also written in a very entertaining style - well worth a visit!

Diet Help Another useful resource of weight loss articles, with extensive diet, exercise and weight loss articles. is written by Wayne Mcgregor, who believes in a holistic approach to weight loss. Wayne says "Our aim is to educate each visitor by attempting to provide a holistic approach to every aspect of fat loss, from nutrition, diet, and the best exercises to the correct mind set."


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