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Diet TipsHere I want to share some diet tips with you. Many weight loss 'gurus' do not agree with fast weight loss. Personally if I do not see results in a short time, I lose interest and fail on the diet. Therefore I prefer diets that begin with Fast Weight Loss!

Even if the weight loss tapers off after a few weeks, by then I am usually motivated to stick with the diet until I reach my goal.

To help with reaching your fast weight loss goals, there are a few simple tips that you will find very useful.

Simple Tips to Fast Weight Loss

To start we will create a case scenario, where you need to lose 30lbs, your own goals may be bigger or smaller, but you can adjust the instructions accordingly.

So to achieve your weight loss even faster, forget the 30lbs for now. We will decide we are going to lose just 20% of this for now, which is 6lbs. We will do this in a week. Now, I have bought just about every weight loss plan out there, and to save you doing the same, I suggest to reach the goal of 6lbs in a week you follow the following diet plan, if you do not already have a plan in mind.

The plan I strongly recomend is Zoe Harcombe's Why do you Overeat? With the Why Do You Overeat meal sheet, you will probably lose the weight in 5 days- many people report losing up to 8lbs in 5 days, but you will certainly lose 6lbs in a week.

I also highly recommend the Anne Collins program - if you are a dieter that needs support along the way, this is the program for you, and as it only costs pennies per day it really is a no-brainer. You can read more about the Anne Collins program here. 

The third plan is simply to eat nothing but salads and vegetables for a week. Now this is not nearly as hard as it may sound, bcause you can eat as many as you wish, of any type, including potatoes. However you cannot add any dressing unless you can find something extremely low fat, your total fat grams should not exceed 10 per day.

Once you decide which plan you prefer stick to it for a week- or until you have lost 20% of your total desired wieght loss.

When the week is up, have two days eating only raw foods. Most people will experience another pound or two weight loss, but if not, never mind, you will be getting an abundance of vitamins and notice improvements to your skin and general wellbeing.

By the eighth day, our person who desires to lose 30lb will probably now be looking at losing 22lbs. Again, she should aim for 20%. So for the next stage she has to lose 4.4lbs. This can be acheived in 3 to 5 days by following her desired plan. When she has achieved the 4.4lbs, she should congratulate herself and go back to eating raw foods for two days. Again she will probably drop another pound or two, and the vitamins, minerals and good fats she consumes will more than make up for anything she may have been lacking on the diet plan.

She now only has about 16 or 17 pounds to go, so her next goal is to go back on the plan until she loses 3-3.5lbs.

I am sure you get the picture. In two weeks 13-15lbs is not an unrealistic figure, and although you will not be following your chosen plan to the letter, you will be using the meal plans they provide. Having the raw fod breaks for a few days inbetween is very nutritionally sound, and a method I personally used to lose a total of 30lbs.