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Does the Grapefruit Diet Work?



Does the grapefruit diet work? You may have heard many say that this diet helps you to lose fat. This was actually something done to promote pink grapefruit to make it popular back in the early 1970s in Britain.

Does the grapefruit diet workSince there were many people convinced that eating grapefruit would help then lose weight and be slim, there was a profitable market created. Grapefruit juice sales sky rocketed. Even one manufacturer chose to develop tablets of grapefruit. Guess what? Those sales soared as well.

The problem we now have here, are there are two versions of the grapefruit diet - eating the natural fruit, or taking the grapefruit diet pills.

Firstly we will take a look at the grapefruit diet pill version.

There is no scientific or medical proof that the tables actually worked. Therefore, what about the ingredients in the actual grapefruit diet pills?

Kelp is one ingredient in the grapefruit pill. It was promoted as an ingredient to reduce fat. It was praises as an ingredient that was rich in minerals and vitamins. These minerals and vitamins were supposed to aid in melting your body fat. However, there are literally hundreds of different types of seaweed. The seaweed most commonly used in the diet was lainaria or bladder wack.

As for the nutrients that kelp is claimed to have, in 25 grams of kelp you will only find three fourths of a gram of protein and three fourths of a gram of fat. Then you find one and three fourths grams of potassium, eighty milligrams phosphate and up to one gram sodium. These ingredients are enough to blow your blood pressure levels through the roof.

There have even been statements that kelp has vitamins in it such as vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin D and vitamin E. Even with these vitamins being included in the tablet, the amounts are not enough to make any significant difference.

So what about the allegation that kelp can actually melt fat? Kelp does not help your body lose fat. It helps your body to lose water. This is not necessarily a good thing. You can do the same thing by going to a sauna or wearing a sweat suit.

The salesmen for the pills claimed that iodine is also in the tablet. They also claim that iodine is needed by your thyroid to secrete the hormone known as thyroxin. Thyroxin is the hormone that influences the growth of your body. While this is partially true, you can get the same effect from eating sea foods. Not having a sufficient amount of thyroxin released into your body can cause your metabolism to slow down. However, increasing iodine does not speed up a normal metabolic rate. Therefore, the iodine in the grapefruit tablets isn’t likely to help you either.

Not only does the grapefruit diet pill probably not work but there is also a possibility they could be dangerous. Have you ever used arsenic? This poison is found in the urine of those who have taken the grapefruit tablets. Since kelp contains over 100 times more arsenic than any other food, the grapefruit diet pill can be damaging rather than helpful.

So, does the grapefruit diet pill work? No. It is highly unlikely you will lose weight by taking these pills.

However, by eating natural fresh grapefruits several times a day, there is evidence that you can help you weight loss along. Ideally eat balanced meals, three times a day proceded by half a grapefruit. Or, if you really feel like going for it, a 3 day grapefruit fast (eat only grapefruit for three days) will give your weight loss efforts a tremendous boost, and is also said to be a fantastic remedy against cellulite!


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