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Does the Hollywood Diet Work?



So you want to know if the Hollywood Diet really works? The answer depends on what it is you are actually trying to achieve. If you just want to lose a few pounds pretty quickly, then yes, the Hollywood Diet can work for you. If you are looking to lose more than just a few pounds then you may need to find an alternative diet. So, ask yourself how many pounds you want to lose. What kind of weight are you trying to lose? Are you trying to lose fat or pounds?

Does the Hollywood Diet WorkYou are not going to lose fat with the Hollywood Diet. Well, I take that back, you might lose a teensy amount of fat. However, you are going to lose something a little bit different. Your weight loss is going to consist of losing water rather than fat. You will also possibly lose a little bit of muscle.

Most likely, if you are reading this information than you are looking for a way to lose that unwanted fat you are carrying around. We all understand that!

Therefore, be sure that the diet and exercise plan you are choosing is going to help you lose weight and fat rather than just liquid and muscle. It isn’t a good thing to lose water from your body. Generally, if you lose water from your body, it is just going to return so that your body can be hydrated. You are meant to have this water.

To be honest, it isn’t overly healthy to lose more than 2 pound of fat per week and it is virtually impossible. If you are losing more than a pound a week, then you aren’t losing fat. Most likely you are losing water and muscle and cleansing your colon. Therefore, any program that says you will lose 4 pounds in a week is not going to be the right program for you. They are either lying or you will be losing something that isn’t fat.

I know that it can bring you down to think that you can’t get rid of that unwanted fat faster. However, you want to lose the weight the healthy way and not end up gaining it all back or get sick. Right? So just accept the truth and work towards your goals in an easy manner.

The next thing you need to do is pay attention to how much food you are eating each day. Cut that amount down just a little bit or exchange it for fresh fruits and vegetables. These fruits and vegetables help your body rid itself of the toxins it does not need.

So, does the Hollywood Diet work? Yes it works in a matter of two days to lose some fluid and weight. However, it can help you along the way with your diet as well. If you do the Hollywood Diet along with changing your lifestyle and being a part of a good exercise plan then you are on your way to ridding yourself of unwanted fat and weight.

Or you can do it without the Hollywood Diet. You don’t need the juice to make this diet work. 

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