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Easy Diets that Work



Easy Diets that WorkI have enjoyed puting together this page of easy diets that work.

I have only included simple to follow diet plans that I have actually used myself, and have limited the selection to two diets, because I think sometimes too much information can be a hindrance rather than a help!

In truth, probably most weight loss would work if we could stick to them, but we all know that that is often eaisier said than done. Therefore I have only included two diets that are easy to stick to, without falling off the weight loss wagon.


10 Day Easy Diet

One of my all time favourite weight loss plans. Online since 2002, the 10 Day Easy diet was the first online diet I tried, and I still go back to it to get myself back on track every time I feel my pants getting tight!

The 10 Day Easy Diet has a name that sounds a bit 'faddy' but in truth it is a diet that can be followed for long periods of time, in fact it could also be a lifestyle change. The foods included are extremely healthy, and basically it is just a clever method of showing you how to get more good foods into your daily eating routine, and get rid of the unhealthy, but it is done in rather a clever way that you don't even notice!

On average if I follow the diet for 10 days, I lose about 8lbs. There are no limits to the amounts you can eat, in fact nothing is out of bounds, just certain types of food are restricted.

For more information on the 10 Day Easy Diet, Click Here.



EODD (Every Other Day Diet)

The "Every Other Day Diet" was created as a way to weight loss, quickly and without cutting out necessary parts of the diet, or cutting down too much on calories.

It was created by people who have actually been through the dieting process; who have been fat, and slimmed down.

The simple concept is:

You eat one kind of food one day, and a different food group the next day.

The first day you would eat nutritious foods, high in protein, thus helping muscle development, and lower calorie intake.

The next day you can eat virtually what you like, including burgers, pizzas etc as long as in moderation. Just use your common sense to not overdo it on the unhealthy foods.

The idea is that you educate yourself to respect food, not to be afraid of it, and to enjoy it. Therefore, of course, you can eat the things you love, but learn to take them in moderation.

To learn about which are the high protein foods, and what time of day is best to each type of food, click here.

The EODD is somewhat more expensive than the 10 day easy Diet, but it does contain all kinds of help, and includes:

  • Answers to any questions, support during the whole year
  • Free motivational tips sent to your e-mail, also for a full year
  • Weekly recipes to help maximise weight loss, and help body tone.
  • A book to help your posture, leading to a healthy back, called ' Perfect posture in 30 days'
  • Another book which tells you about cholesterol and its effects on your body, called ' Cholesterol lies'
  • A Report 'Hormones 101' telling you the importance of balance hormones, and how to achieve it.
  • Virtual trainer software to help you with exercises
  • No less than 80 super fast recipes for a leaner body
  • An expert interview on toned bodies for women, ' female power'
  • A Fitness hypnosis audio, to help create self-confidence and increase motivation -plus a whole lot more.


The Every Other Day Diet was created by Jon Benson, with trainers Holly Rigsby and Daniel Hopkins.

This diet is so much easier to follow than any of the more rigourous diet plans, as there is no need to cut out any of the food groups, such as carbohydrates.

Cutting out something entirely will only cause more craving for that food, and of course each food group plays its own part in keeping us healthy.

Apart from the physical and emotional trials of a regular diet, it is extremely difficult to ignore the cravings for our favourite foods.

All that is needed here, is common sense, and the strength of character to not over indulge. As long as you follow the right food groups, and make sure that every alternate day you are getting the right nutrition and protein, whilst on the other days indulging your taste, you should be up to follow this diet quite easily.

'Everything in moderation' is a good rule to follow, and with this package you have everything you need to succeed with your diet.

Click here for the EODD.

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