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Fad Diets That Work



Fad diets have been around for ages. One diet pops up and everyone is doing it. Then that one gets dropped when another one pops up. The things that catch a person’s eye the most when it comes to fad diets are lose weight easily and lose weight fast. Everyone wants to drop that excess weight without a lot of work and in a timely manner.

Fad diets can help you to lose 5-10 pounds rather quickly. Just don’t depend on a fad diet as a lifestyle. This can cause extreme damage and health issues. Don’t get me wrong. Fad diets can get you on the right track to weight loss. Just use caution in how long you use a fad diet. Eventually the fad diet will stop helping you to lose weight and you will become discouraged and most likely gain back everything you have already lost.

A fad diet should be followed by a healthy change in your lifestyle including your eating habits and exercise routines. Not only will you keep the weight off but you will feel healthier and more energized.

Here are some examples of fad diets that could help you get started in your weight loss program.


The Negative Calorie Diet

The Negative Calorie Diet consists of eating foods that are supposed to burn more calories while digest them than the body consummes. Whether this is scientifically true or not is debatable, as the foods are pretty healthy anyway, and lets face it, if you eat enough healthy foods you are going to lose weight!

The negative calorie diet is not totally unlike The Raw Food Diet, as many of the foods are basically the same. You will not attain the exceptional results you see with The Raw Food Diet, because on the negative calorie diet the foods are mainly cooked, therefore destroying valuable nutrients and vitamins. However if you are looking for a weight loss diet, the results are worthwhile.

For more information on the Negative Calorie Diet, Click Here.

The Grape Diet

Fad Diets That WorkThis 'diet' was discovered by Johanna Brandt in the 1920s when she used it to cure herself of cancer. The Grape Diet is a very strict regime that demands that you only eat grapes and drink water. It is not to be undertaken lightly, but if you have any ailments it is an excellent diet, as it has been known to cure many illnesses including such diseases as cancer and heart disease.

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The Mono Food Diet

The Mono Food Diet involves eating only one food at each meal. when we eat starchy foods, for example potatoes or rice, our stomach breaks the food down with alkaline digestive juices.

However if we eat a protein based food such as meat or fish, acidic digestive juices are needed to break it down.

It is absolutely vital we digest our food correctly to lose weight. When the food is not digested correctly, not only will we gain weight, but a whole load of other problems can occur.

On a Mono Diet we eat only one type of food per meal time. You can eat as much as you wish, but only one type of food. These must be one ingredient foods - i.e Bananas, Nuts, Tomatoes or Eggs - basically any food that does not carry a label!

Remember that fad diets can assist you in beginning to lose weight but are not recommended as a long term solution. When you are searching for the right fad diet for your lifestyle you should remember a few key factors.

The first thing you should think about is if this particular fad diet is going to be something you can tolerate. Is it going to be something you can handle drinking or eating? Can you handle it for the period of time required for the maximum amount of weight loss? Can you change your lifestyle after completing the fad diet in order for all of the effort to have been worth it? Is this fad diet healthy? These are just a few things you should think about when choosing the fad diet that is right for you.


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