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How to Lose Weight Fast



lose weight fastWe all want to lose weight fast. There is nothing worse than struggling through each day on a diet, congratulating yourself on having stuck to the weight loss rules, then realizing that you are going to have to do this long into the forseeable future! Most of us do not even manage one day!

There are actually genuine physical reasons behind this, is it not down to a lack of willpower, but for the purpose of this article, we will stick to quick tips on How to Lose Weight Fast. I guarantee if you follow my tips you can lose around 5 lbs every week.

How to Lose Weight Fast

1. Make sure at each meal you eat some high protein, low fat foods. Sources of protein include meat, eggs, fish, legumes, soya and tofu products. (My own weight loss efforts improved dramatically when I became vegetarian).

2. Cut out all refined carbs. Yes, I know, all the boring diets say that one! But if you continue to eat products made from refined carbs, you will not lose weight ever, never mind quickly. You must make a few changes to your diet. Instead of choosing white bread, chose brown or black bread with as few additives as possible.

When craving something sweet, do not opt for cakes or biscuits. Choose a piece of fruit.

3. Cut right down on the alcohol. Alcohol contains loads of completely empty calories and will not help your weight loss goals in the slightest. If you do not want to stop drinking completely choose a dry white wine or a sparkling dry wine.

4. If you really can't stand the thought of exercising then just start a walking plan. The plan should span over 6 weeks, even though you will hopefully have lost the weight before, it is a good idea to continue the walking to keep the weight off and improve muscle tone.

A good plan should look something like this:

Week 1: 0.8 km in 10 minutes 3 times a week.

Week 2: 1 km in 10 minutes 3 times a week.

Week 3: 1.2 km in 12 minutes 3 times a week

Week 4: 1.2 km in 12 minutes 4 times a week

Week 5: 1.6 km in 18 minutes 4 times a week

Week 6: 1.6 km in 16 minutes 4 times a week.

Hopefully after week 6 you will find you actually enjoy the exercise and wish to continue! For this you should have a pedometer which will measure the distance walked. Pedometers can be found in any sports shop.

5. Cut out all dairy. It is no coincidence that baby calves fed on their mother's milk, become huge. We as human beings are not really designed to drink the milk from another species, and certainly not well into adulthood.

6. Get a good night's sleep. Another boring one I know, but if you are able to get 8 hours good rest it will go a long way towards helping you drop those pounds.

7. If possible drink a glass of freshly squeezed green juice everyday. For this you will need a juicer or a juice bar in you area. The juice should be made from anything green, for example, cucumber, spinach, celery, apple, bok choy, asparagus, kiwi.

I can guarantee if you follow those simple steps starting today (Oh, OK tomorrow, after all today you do have some leftovers in the fridge) in two weeks time, you will be 8 to 10lbs lighter.

Oh Yes! And that other boring one! Drink plenty of water!

Now lets take a look at a popular diet on How to Lose Weight Fast, the rather dubious 18in4 diet plan.