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How to Lose Weight in a Week



lose weight in a week

It was decided I should write the article 'How to Lose Weight in a Week' as I am the undisputed Queen of the fast weightloss in a week- I actually managed to lose 8lbs in 7 days for my sister's wedding! If you are desperate to lose weight in a week, it is often because an important occasion is looming on the horizon- I know when my sister was getting married, I had planned to begin a diet and exercise regime weeks before- but it just didn't happen- therefore a week before the big event drastic measures were called for!

My answer was the low fat, low carb, low calorie solution. Tedious, but it works- you can lose up to 8lbs in a week, and there are a string of other benefits.

Opportunely, with that big occasion rearing it's head in the very near future, you have a huge motivational reason. Diets like the one I am about to describe become extremely boring, and they are hard to stick to under normal circumstances, however the thought of going on that first date, or school reunion wearing a canvas sack is enough to give most of us such fearsome nightmares we are able to stick to the diet for anywhere between 5 to 10 days.

When followed correctly this diet also has enormous benefits. It is obviously very much the way we were 'supposed' to eat, and you will see quite startling results within a few days. Many people who are overweight are also suffering from Insulin Resistance, this diet will help to correct this by stabalizing your blood sugar levels and therefore also helps tremendously with sugar cravings. It is not unusual to drop three or four pounds in just the first three days, although I recommend you follow the diet for at least 5 days to see optimal weight loss results.

You will probably not need to write this diet down or print it out as it is very very simple.

Fish: You can eat as much as you wish of pure unprocessed fresh fish. This can include any fish or shellfish that is fresh- nothing from a can, and nothing smoked or cured. (Frozen fish is fine, as long as it has not had anything other than salt added). 

The fish should be cooked using only butter or olive oil- to steam, bake or grill it.

Meats: Eat only chicken breast (from an organic source please!). This also should be steamed, baked or grilled, again using only butter or olive oil.

Eggs: Eat as many eggs as you wish- again they should only be cooked in olive oil or butter (or water of course).

Tofu or Quorn: Tofu and quorn products are fine as long as nothing else has been added.

Vegetables: No potatoes or mushrooms. Any other vegetable eaten raw, steamed or baked is permitted. Raw is optimal. 

Salad Ingredients: All salad ingredients are permitted, including tomatoes and olives.

Herbs: All herbs, fresh or dried are also permitted.

Drinks: Only water and herbal teas. No diet sodas!


If a food or drink is not on the above lists, it is not permitted on the 'Lose Weight in a Week' diet.

After just a few days on the diet your blood sugar levels will become more stable, the weight will begin dropping off, and the cravings will become much more manageable.  

Because you can eat as much as you want, when you want the diet is not actually as dificult as it appears at first glance.

When going through the worst moments, keep yourself busy, or simply sit and daydream of how sexy and slim you will look in your new outfit while others are walking round in big baggy tunics. You can do it!


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