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I have been selected to do our review on the Idiot Proof Diet- or better known as Fatloss 4 Idiots in online dieting circles. Now read carefully, because I have used this diet on and off for three years now, and I know what I am talking about.

The Idiot proof diet was originally released as 'Weight loss 4 Idiots' in late 2004. I must have been one of their first clients as I was desperately trying any new diet that came my way at that time, with little success.

The website for the Idiot Proof Diet is very different from the majority of weight loss product sites, there are no before and after pictures, and to be quite honest, one feels a bit suspicious after visiting the site because there are no details of the creator of the diet, just a mailing address of the website company. However, the payment processors are Clickbank, which I know from past dealings to be a bonafide company who will issue an on the spot refund if you are unhappy with any purchased product so I decided to bite the bullet, and bought it.

I think the simple design and the 'idiot' theme could turn many people off purchasing this diet, but don't be fooled. The Idiot Proof Diet works, the interface is extremely simple, as are the food choices. Not only is the Idiot Diet ideal for people wanting to lose weight it is also a perfect resource for those who like me, do not wish to spend hours in the kitchen making fancy concoctions. Simple really is the name of the game here- in fact so simple; you will end up kicking yourself for not having thought of it first.

You are simply asked to check your favourite foods from a list of different food groups. There are also vegetarian (and vegan) choices. You check the boxes, click submit, and the online software will generate an 11-day meal plan for you, which you can then print of if you like, but that is not necessary as you can also refer to it online. You can generate as many different meal plans as you wish- you will receive a username and password to login to the meal plan generator when as often as you need to.

The beauty of this diet, apart from the absolute simplicity is it not low carb (I just cannot get to grips with those- I love my carbs). It is not low calorie, (I don’t like them either- too much counting) and it is not low fat. It is not low anything! Just 4 meals a day, which you can eat in any order, of foods that are your favourites chosen by YOU from the provided lists.

I believe this diet works for a number of reasons. The food choices are high protein, therefore filling you and balancing out your insulin levels and curbing cravings. To deal with the cravings, also included everyday is a little of what you fancy, plus on day 6, the food choices change just for one day. This is a welcome change by the sixth day, making the diet easier to stick with, and the creator’s claim the shift causes your metabolism to go crazy, burning up even more of that nasty fat.

The sales pitch states dieters can lose 9lbs every 11 days, and drawing on my own experiences, those of my friends and online dieting communities that I am a part off, I would say that is a fair statement, but the majority of dieters to seem to lose between 6 and 8lbs.

The only downside to the idiot diet in my opinion is the food choices can get a bit boring towards the end of the eleven days, but that is not a major problem as you can have a few days off then start again if you need to lose more than 8 or 9lbs. I have followed it four times now, on average about once every six months- infact I think I am due another round with Spring just around the corner!


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