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Liquid Diets That Work



So what exactly is a liquid diet?

I know that the answer to this question seems quite obvious - however, there is a difference the common belief of what a liquid diet is and what it really is. The common belief for a liquid diet is that you just drink liquid for so many days and you will lose weight. This is not the case. You can’t just drink alcohol and lose weight. You can’t drink soda and lose weight. For a real liquid diet, you have to drink a certain type of liquid for a certain number of days. This is a program that trains you to stay away from solid food for a certain about of days or a certain amount of time per day. A diet that qualifies as a liquid diet is a diet that requires that at least 80% of your calories come from a liquid.

Is it safe to use a liquid diet to lose weight?

There is no real answer to this question. Why is that? No liquid diet is the same as the next. Therefore, the safety of a liquid diet depends on the contents you are drinking. As for the duration of the diet, it is not safe to continue on a liquid diet for longer than 10 days. This is unhealthy and can cause many problems. A short term liquid diet is generally fine depending on what liquid you are drinking.

How does a liquid diet work?

A liquid diet consists of drinking x amount of liquids for a certain number of days. In the meantime, you generally stay away from any solid foods. The liquid diet cleanses your body, eliminates water retention and cleans your colon. After you have completed your liquid diet, you will need to change your eating habits as well as your lifestyle. This will be the determining factor in losing weight.

Which liquid diets work?

Honestly, it is going to depend on your body and your lifestyle. Here are a few liquid diets that I recommend.


The Lemonade Diet

The Lemonade Diet, otherwise know as The Master Cleanse works very well for weight loss, and maybe even more importantly for detoxing your body, overcoming addictions and for overall general well being.


Juice Fasting

Liquid Diets that WorkJuice fasting has become very popular in recent years, with many people following a juice fast for up to 40 days and longer. Juice fasting involves drinking only the juice of fresh fruit and vegetables. Before embarking on a juice fast, you are advised to research the subject well, as you can expect to experience various side effects as your body detoxes.



Green Smoothie Diet

While not strictly a liquid diet, the green smoothie diet is the perfect diet to make the transition to a liquid diet, and is a great weight loss diet without going so far as only drinking liquids. The green smoothie diet involves blending any variety of vegetables or fruit together with a few handful of leafy green vegetables.

Benefits of a Green Smoothie diet include but are not limited to weight loss, improved skin tone, more energy and general detox, without the sometimes nauseous detox symptoms of a juice fast.

Does the Lemonade Diet Work