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Quickest Way to Lose Weight - A Simple Method to Drop 10lbs Fast



The quickest way to lose weight is actually also the easiest way! In order to lose weight really quickly, when buying your food shopping for the week, simply opt for foods without ingredient labels.

Yes, you read it right, that is all you have to do, choose foods that do not have a list of ingredients on them. Such foods will include, but are certainly no limited to: Potatoes, tomatoes, oranges, carrots, apples, beets, nuts, seeds, salmon, sardines, chicken etc. I can guarantee if you eat only these foods for a full week, you will see a noticeable difference in your weight, and not only on the scale but you will feel your body shape changing and your clothes will loosen.

In order to really speed up your weight loss (up to 10lbs in 10 days) simply "Zig-Zag" your calories while eating non-labelled foods. Calorie Zig-Zagging is a weight loss trick used by body builders, you should eat for example 2000 calories of non-labelled foods for a few days, then on the third day, up your calorie intake to around 2700 calories.

This will stop your body entering 'starvation mode' when the body thinks food may be in short supply and begins to store fat. This is a common problem with dieters as the metabolism slows down, and weight loss grinds to a halt. By zig-zagging calories, you are fooling your body, as all of a sudden it assumes food is in abundant supply again, and will burn fat accordingly.