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Hello there! We are three "bigged boned" friends from the North of England who have spent the best part of our lives as fat chicks but then decided to do something about it by trying fast easy diets that we could follow as we don't have an ounce of real will power between us.

before and after weight loss


I have lost a total of 42 pounds over the last 18 months.

That has not been steady weight loss- I am definately not the best person in the world to be able to stick to a diet. I will follow one plan, lose some weight, get bored, fall of the diet then go on to the next one!

I am lucky that I live alone and can basically follow any eating plan without having to worry about what the rest of the family will eat, and neither do I have kid's snacks lying around to tempt me.


We have all lost quite a bit of weight although not one of us is capable of sticking to a conventional calorie counting diet. Instead we opted to go for the fast easy diets for quick weight loss. If you need to lose weight quickly you have come to the right place.

Many diet 'experts' say it is impossible to lose alot of weight in such a short time, we disagree, providing after the given time frame of the diet, providing you continue with a healthy eating plan, and do not go back to your old ways, there is no reason the weight will not stay off. We will show you how to do that on our site.

Well here is a little introduction to us and our weight loss. then the fast easy diet fun can begin!


Gail -  42 Years old

before and after weight loss


I am a Gail, a dental nurse from Manchester.

Like Debbie I do not have children but I live with my boyfriend Dean who is a bit of a fitness freak.

I hate exercising so any weight loss I have acheived has come solely from dieting- I have lost 25lbs in the last year- like Debbie I tried a number of diets, but finally came to discover Anne Collins, and I now stick to it with a few days off every two weeks or three weeks.


Gillian-  39 years old


Fast Easy Diets


I am Gillian and I have two teenagers still living at home.

This does not affect my dieting too much as I only prepare one meal a day, the kids eat out at college during the day, and will eat my diet meal at night, both are happy with this as they could do with dropping a few pounds too!

I work as a bar manageress which means I am on my feet a fair bit, and I try to go for a half hour brisk walk at least twice a week.

My downfall is visiting the pub at weekends- I can't resist a tipple on Friday and Saturday nights.

I have lost 30lbs using fast easy diets in the last 10 months. I have been vegetarian for 9 months.


OK, so enough of that! Click on the links below, to get started immediately with some really Fast Easy Diets!

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